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I have been registered as a marriage celebrant since 2009 and am a pioneer of young celebrants on the Sunshine Coast. I became a celebrant as I knew I could provide a more professional service than what I was seeing at weddings, and had experienced trying to find our celebrant (who was brilliant but a rarity!). 

With over seven years experience in performing weddings on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, I have refined my techniques so what you need is what you get. I also keep up with the latest technology to make the process easy for both of us, no matter where we are in the world! 

I have many years experience in legal and corporate administration which complements my business through excellent time management and organisational skills. I love being a celebrant, because there is nothing better than meeting new people and hearing about their find out how two people from different worlds, chance a meeting somehow, someway and make this amazing connection. At the end of a ceremony, I'm like that accountant in the H&R Block ad, doing a fist pump and whispering 'yes!'.

I live on the Sunshine Coast with my awesome husband Ritchie, and our two crazy Border Collies Rosie and Willow (it was really difficult to take that picture below, trust me). To relax, I tend to head for outdoors in some way – walking, riding or travelling. But don’t get me wrong, my Netflix addiction is strong!

And yes, I am one those people who love an overuse of exclamation marks. It took all my restraint not to add more here. 

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