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Marriage Equality

Yesterday I was interviewed by the Sunshine Coast Daily - our local newspaper - about the current hot topic of same sex marriage.

Why is it a hot topic? Well, because it isn't legal in our country. Our beautiful country where we have so many rights, privileges and amazing lifestyle. We are forward thinking and innovative in so many ways. 

Yet, two people of the same sex do not have the ability to legally marry.

A strong majority of my gorgeous couples declare their support of marriage equality within their ceremony. I do not force my opinion upon anyone - I let them know it's an option, and they choose to include it if they wish. The beautiful couple in this picture were strong advocates of including this statement - and in particular, as a wonderful surprise for the bride's brother and 'man of honour'.

I know that many of the suppliers within the Sunshine Coast wedding industry share my sentiments and I look forward to the day that I no longer need to state that marriage in accordance with legislation in Australia is only between a man and a woman.

Check out the article here.

My top 5 tips for surviving a wedding expo

My top 5 tips for surviving a wedding expo

Let's face it, bridal expos can be hard work. They can be confronting, sometimes dangerous even! Today I share with you some tips for getting what you need and making sure you don't come away injured (or hangry!). These tips couldn't come at a better time - the It's My Wedding bridal expo is on Sunday 6th November! Plus, one entrant at the show will win a whopping $5000 to spend with the vendors for their wedding day - yup, I'm speechless too...

Be prepared....

Go with a plan of what vendors you're looking for and your budget. Those vendors you've had your eye on will most likely have specials or additions that you’ll be able to snap up.

Ask lots of questions....

If you're at the 'just looking around' phase this is the perfect opportunity to ask all those questions that you've been wanting to since you started planning. 

If you're at the 'I'm going to book today' phase, ask the questions to make sure this is the right vendor for you. You're investing a great deal of money and want to get the perfect fit for your day.

Take your partner....

Now this may depend on what stage of planning you're at, but if you're looking at your big ticket items (venue, photographer, celebrant), you'll want your partner's involvement. Then, cull any vendors that will only speak to you. It is a special day for you both and you want to make sure that your partner isn't overlooked with their needs on the day too. If it's dresses, makeup/hair and flowers you're after, bring the bride tribe as well, and your fiance can chill in the man zone (yes, seriously!).

Don't go hangry....

If you're anything like me, hangry = bad and quick decisions. Luckily the It's My Wedding expo is held at Maroochy RSL where there are plenty of options available for before, after or during the expo. Or why not enjoy a delicious brunch at Cotton Tree before you head in. Just remember leave room for any cake samples!

Take advantage of quiet times....

Lots of people go in the morning to the expo and will stay for the fashion parade, then wander a bit more then leave. Avoid the rush and head to the expo after lunch. This is a great time to visit vendors if you're not keen on the parade. Or if you're there when the parade is on, go around to vendors during that time. You won't have to fight stands with brides five deep. 



Top 5 Tips - Natalie Hunter Makeup Artist

Top 5 Tips - Natalie Hunter Makeup Artist

When I started out as a marriage celebrant, it didn't take me long to realise I was lacking skills in applying makeup for wedding photography. So I enlisted the skills of talented Sunshine Coast makeup artist Natalie Hunter to give me some timeless tips (particularly to give this chubby faced kid some cheekbones!). 

Nat joins me on the blog today to share her top 5 tips to make sure your makeup is on point for your day. Nat is hot property - if you want her for your wedding, book ASAP, and I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.

x Fi

1.       Start a skin care regime. Sounds like a no brainer, but begin as soon as you can. Find products that suit your skin, maybe even go and try some at your local beautician or organic food store before you buy them. I love the natural products. If you go to your local organic store, they have some beautiful natural products to try that don’t have any harsh nasties in them to aggravate your skin

2.       Always have a trial and wear white or cream along so you can see how the makeup looks with the plain colour. Generally you will need a little extra colour in your cheeks than you would normally, so you don’t look washed out and wearing the white/cream really helps show this. Always work with your makeup artist, take pictures of makeup you like to the trial, but also be aware that your face and eye shape may be different to the ones in the pictures, so little adjustments and suggestions from your makeup artist is the key.

3.       Keep your makeup classic and timeless, in other words, do not follow makeup trends. If you keep your makeup timeless and in colour scheme to your wedding, you won’t have any regrets in years to come looking back at your photos.

4.       You always want to look like yourself. If you are not usually a makeup wearer, always keep your look natural and soft.  If you are a lady that loves eyeliner, brows and lippy, then definitely wear it all on the day as well. Your groom won’t recognise you if you steer too far away from your usual look.

5.       Last and MOST importantly………ALWAYS……..ALWAYS…. have a touch up kit. No matter how long lasting or waterproof your makeup is, your makeup will always wear. Especially on a day loaded with tears, hugs and kisses!! Your touch up kit should contain blotting papers an SPF free powder compact, concealer and of course lipstick or lip gloss to touch up your pout.