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Marriage Equality

Yesterday I was interviewed by the Sunshine Coast Daily - our local newspaper - about the current hot topic of same sex marriage.

Why is it a hot topic? Well, because it isn't legal in our country. Our beautiful country where we have so many rights, privileges and amazing lifestyle. We are forward thinking and innovative in so many ways. 

Yet, two people of the same sex do not have the ability to legally marry.

A strong majority of my gorgeous couples declare their support of marriage equality within their ceremony. I do not force my opinion upon anyone - I let them know it's an option, and they choose to include it if they wish. The beautiful couple in this picture were strong advocates of including this statement - and in particular, as a wonderful surprise for the bride's brother and 'man of honour'.

I know that many of the suppliers within the Sunshine Coast wedding industry share my sentiments and I look forward to the day that I no longer need to state that marriage in accordance with legislation in Australia is only between a man and a woman.

Check out the article here.