Welcome to my first blog post on my new website! I hope you've taken the time to look around and get to know me. My blog posts will be a combination of tips from vendors and couples, real life weddings and stories about me, so you can get to know me better.

There is no better story that I love hearing from couples than the proposal. So, I thought it would be fitting to share our proposal with you for my first blog post!

My husband Ritchie and I were taking our first holiday together about 18 months into our relationship, and this was a big one - going to Melbourne, spending time with extended family with the highlight of the trip going to the MotoGP at Phillip Island. 

It was really a great holiday - eating, drinking, dancing, laughing, meeting new relatives, meeting old relatives, seeing sights, loving life and loving life being together.

So when a cousin recommended taking a trip to Rialto Tower and seeing Melbourne from the top we thought it was a brilliant idea. Strolling along the observation deck, enjoying the sights, I jokingly mention to Ritchie 'If you'd been romantic, you could've proposed here', and I was hit with a look of bewilderment. Little did I know I just stole his idea!

We go out to the balcony to check out the last light over the city with the lights coming on. When I suggested going back inside, Ritchie wanted to stay out a bit longer. Now I'm starting to think this situation is weird, until the balcony becomes clear of other people, and Ritchie drops to one knee. Those who know Ritchie will understand when I say he's a practical joker so when I see him on bended knee, my automatic response was naturally 'Get up you stupid idiot!!!' - in a nice, loving way of course! 

I have no idea what Ritchie said to me that night on the balcony. I'm sure it was words of love and promises to spend our lives together, but eventually I did say yes and blubbered like a fool, ruining my makeup in the process. There was no ring, there was no asking my parents for permission, it was just us, and the brilliant lights of Melbourne. And it was perfect.

Had I known two days later I'd be sitting the pouring cold rain with the winds of Antarctica blowing into Phillip Island while watching the MotoGP I may have reconsidered my answer. 

Enjoy some of our engagement photos by Leslie Downie Photography and our loved up cuteness....

x Fi

PS For those interested, Valentino Rossi dramatically won the race despite a 10 second penalty.